We proudly present our variety of products made with plants, fruits and seeds from the Amazon rainforest.

Brazil Nuts - Naturally Organic, Non GMO, Raw, Nutritious, Fresh and Delicious

Collected directed from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil by local agricultural cooperatives improving the economy and life style of the people in that region, while preserving and respecting the forest.

Beauty and Personal Care Products

Our products are made with carefully selected natural ingredients.

Conditioners and Shampoos made with Açai, Cupuaçu and Amor Crescido

Crajiru Facial Cream, Kumaru Perfume

White Asian Centella Massage Gel - Ice Gel - Amazon Bronze -

Honey and Propolis Mouth Fresheners

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We also carry

Ice cream - Sugar/ Fat/ Lactose and Gluten Free

Acai and Cupuacu Jelly

Acai Powder and Juice

About Magi

MAGI INVESTMENT LLC is based in Miami, Florida. Its core business is importing products and food from the State of Amazonas in Brazil.

Our products are all made from natural elements collected directly from the Amazon rainforest by small cooperatives communities. Improving the economy and life style of the people in that region, while preserving and respecting the forest.

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Healthy and Nutritious Food

BioGuardian is our brand of healthy and nutritious food made with selected natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest.

Acai, Brazil Nuts, Tapioca and Cupuacu are some of these natural ingredients. Superfoods packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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Personal Care products

We distribute a variety of exotics Pharmakos D’ Amazonia, personal care products.

Shampoos, conditioners, massage gel, facial cream soap and more. All made with plants, fruits and seeds from the Amazon rainforest.

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We sell wholesale and bulk

Brazil Nuts

Acai Powder

Bio Guardian - Ice creams

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Come to visit us at Green Rio

See greenrio.com.br for more information and complete schedule.


Our Project

Our Brazil nuts are collected directly from the Amazon rainforest by cooperatives formed by riverside and indigenous communities


Social Responsibility

There are over 2500 families that are directly benefiting from the extraction of the Brazil nuts we are importing.



We have invested in machinery and training for our partners in the cooperatives that provide our Brazil Nuts.


Amazon river

Environmental Protection

Also, we follow closely the entire collection process to make sure we have the best quality product, with the cooperatives fairly compensated and the forest is protected. 


We participate in the Natural Products Expo West

On the left side, Mr. Joao Matos, our Business and Biodiversity Manager, on the center Mr. Vincent from Ecocert, and on the right, Mr. Bernardino Marques, the CEO of Magi.US.


Mr. Ming Liu from Organica Brasil and Mr. Bernardino Marques, the CEO of Magi US




Our partner in the exhibition, Mr. Sandoval Silva


Our BioGuardian products

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